Videos of Games Projects Jams Collabs I took part in


Junior Senior Collaborative project of 2019.

I worked as a Junior Tech, Sound Designer and Tutorial Screen Artist


Senior Junior Collaborative Project 2020

I worked as a Senior Sound Designer


Tranzfuser project with BunnyBox Games 2020

My job is a Creative Designer and Sound Designer, I created the 3D props using Magica Voxel.


JamFuser Game Jam 2020 with BunnyBox Games

My role was the Sound Designer, I also made some pixel assets using


Global Game Jam 2020 with BunnyBox Games

I discovered Magica Voxel and made most of all of the assets. I was also Sound Designer.

The game won "Proud To Be Staffs Award" at Staffordshire University. Pair Up was also shortlisted in the 2020 Grads competition under the "Student Game" category.


Wolf Pack

This is a demo gameplay of my Final Year Project.

Focusing on AI and in game Weather Manager