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    Emotion Reactor

    Welcome to my website!

    Please peruse some of my creations, whether art (3D & traditional), Game Design and Media

  • Emotion Reactor

    Emotion Reactor

    Studies in Game Design, Media and Sound

Examples of my work

Peruse the areas below for a clear idea on what I can do

Some of these are games that I have worked or took part in.

Works that have been made with Magica Voxel, 3Ds Max and Blender 

These are projects I have continued since my College years

Hi there!

My name is Sabrina Lang,

Currently, I am a recent graduate from Staffordshire University with a Bachelors of Science with Honors in Computer Gameplay Design & Production.

I was part of BunnyBox Games, a small team made up of graduate students primarily based in Staffordshire, England, for Tranzfuser 2020. 

Please take a look at my CV

Check out my Itch.io page: https://drskellyjelly94.itch.io/