Create Web passwords without complexity

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Create Web passwords without complexity

Post by micklang » Tue May 23, 2017 10:43 am

Well, we're already authenticated, so why have a complex password just to web browse?

The below script will allow you to create simple (short) passwords to make it easier for you or your users to authenticate via web browser. **Note: this should not be used for external accounts that web browse in.

Launch this at SystemLow after creating new user accounts.

Create this script in /opt/j**x/site-scripts and make executable.


context=`id -Z | cut -d ':' -f 4`

if [ $context != "SystemLow!" ]; then
echo "You can only run this from a SystemLow terminal."
echo " ";

echo "Webpass - used to add/change passwords for the Web interface.";
echo " ";
echo "Enter the user's name:";
echo " ";
read username;
echo " ";
echo "Enter the desired password: (note: it cannot be null)";
echo " ";
read password;
echo "Creating password entry for $username...";
echo " ";
/opt/Apache/bin/htpasswd -b $passwdfile $username $password

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