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It's finished! I had finished writing Cambio several years ago and made a feeble attempt to find a literary agent to help me get it published.

The shoddy world of book publishing was something I wasn't aware of. It has been my observation that agents won't come near you unless you are an already-established writer, or if you know someone. I had neither.

I had two bites-- one agent that handled strictly biblical stories that extolled Christian scripture (no thanks) and another who only exported books to China (double no thanks).

I let it sit for several years-- looking at the world of self-publishing, but not really giving it much of a thought. Then Frank died. I was hopeful to get the book published and see what Frank thought of it.

He knew about it and had seen a few sample chapters. After he died, I felt tremendous guilt. I decided to self-publish as a story about a great guy needs to be told.

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I currently work for the JCDX program-- I’m sure most of you have never heard of it before. It’s spectacular computing technology based on ‘Multi-Level Security’ (MLS) which behaves like a genie standing behind your back, making sure that you don’t commit any security violations. It does far more, but I’m not going to get into it just yet.
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He uses statistics like a drunken man uses lampposts-- for support rather than for illumination.
Andrew Lang
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I like to dabble in graphics and I love to use Blender. It's free and in many ways even better than 3DS Max (which was very buggy and ungodly expensive.

What is science & industry without art? I personally believe that if you want something to look polished and modern, you can't do it without some artistic taste. I personally believe that art viewed on the internet should be free (feel free to take any and all graphics from this web site) and art should be promoted, not squashed by greed or assholes from the entertainment industry.
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Invention! Sometimes ideas just 'pop' into your head. The difference between a great idea and a product you can buy at your local store is all based on development money. There is no real means of the average person thinking of a new invention and seeing it to market. It's filled with the greedy, the manipulative and an endless and costly bureaucratic nightmare.
I just wrote my state senator asking him to do something on this. It's unfair and panders to big corporations that have the money to corner the market and keep common inventors out of the market. I hope he will champion great ideas and ensure that a good idea can see the light of day.