Smith, Suzanne Kay

Smith, James A. "Jimmy"
Smith, Simon Mathew
Rudd, Adeline "Aline"
Smith, Sales Malcolm Mortimer
Rasmussen, Rasmus
Rasmussen, Carrie Cristina
Miller, Carlin
Smith, Rolland Weston
Lee, Robert Palmer
Lee, Charles Andrew
Nichols, Orpha
Lee, Rosetta Ruth
Reed, George Washington
Reed, Francis Amanda
Knott, Philinda
Smith, Suzanne Kay
Weigandt, Theodore
Weigandt, Bernhard August
Dillig, Christian
Dillig, Minnie "Maud"
Goettsch, Catherine
Weigandt, Marlowe Ruth
Allison, William
Allison, Joseph
Clarkson, Ruth
Allison, Ruth Viola
Curtis, Sheldon "Bill"
Curtis, William Pinkerton
Pinkerton, Charlotte
Curtis, Effie Marie
McFate, James
McFate, Margaret "Maggie" Ward
Ward, Martha


Father: Smith, Rolland Weston
Mother: Weigandt, Marlowe Ruth


   Place: East Moline, Illinois


Relation to Reamy, Larry

Children of Reamy, Larry and Smith, Suzanne Kay
   Reamy, Jeffrey Allen
   Reamy, Larry Lendell

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